vrijdag 30 september 2011

MALAYSIA -transport-accomodation-food

In Maleisië heb je de mogelijkheid om zelf een auto te huren en rond te trekken, in sterren accomodaties te overnachten en luxe te eten. Dan heb je gelijk ook een horde toeristen..
Je kunt ook met aftandse en soms wat luxere bussen het land doorkruisen. Je hebt dan soms wel een bus waar je een halve meter in de lucht wordt gelanceerd als je over hobbels waggelt, het zijn niet allemaal nette mensen waar je bij in zit. Soms zit je als sardientjes in een blik met schoolkinderen. En met de bus kom je niet overal..
Dan huur je gewoon een van de lokale taxies, en na onderhandelen wordt je netjes weg gebracht, of Frasers Hill opgescheurd en kom je half misselijk uit het busje gerold..
Die sterren resorts? Best leuk misschien, maar als je echt wat wilt zien, moet je gewoon iets verder naar die mindere accomodatie gaan, het is wel orgineler én je hebt weer leuke verhalen!
Hetzelfde geld voor het eten.

In Malaysia you have the opportunity to hire a car and drive it by yourself throught the country, you can stay in star-rated accommodations and enjoy luxeriuos food. But you're in the middle of all the other tourists..
You can also roam the country in old baggered coaches. OK, sometimes you get a coach when in hobs over a bump, you'll be flown in the air for half a metre, it ain't all nice and tidy people surrounding you. Some times you'll sit there stacked one onto another because of all the schoolkids going home. You can't get all places by bus, so you'll need a taxi now and then. You hire one of the locals and they'll bring you for a reasonable price after jaggling about it and some times you'll raced up the mountain and get off half sick..
That star-rated resorts, get off the beaten track, just a little futher and see more of the country and culture! You'll have less comfort maybe, but is it original and you have nicer stories to tell!
The same counts for the food.

taxi ride

 One of our showers, no regulations for warm/cold @ most places were we stayed;) 

Yep, that gray building is were we stayed in KL

rice with fried chicken and veggies, we didn't always get it on plates like this!

Chinese in Signapore

 Indian curry and a chocolate/tea drink

zaterdag 24 september 2011


Het duurde een tijdje, maar hier zijn dan foto's van Maleisië! Het is een heel mooi land met vriendelijke mensen. Hier is een globaal overzicht.

Voor avontuur moet je niet naar de sterren accomodaties gaan!

It took some time, but here are the pics of Malaysia! It's a wonderful country with friendly people. Here is an overall view.
For adventure and a realistic picture of the country, don't go the star-rated accommodations!

Dusseldörf Airport with Emirates Airline to Dubai and on to Kuala Lumpur

Busstation, Malaysia has a very well organised transport network.

Shops and workplaces along the road.

Food court at Fraser's Hill, nice area with a lot of bird life!
Haven't seen a lot of tourists, except 'native' tourists!

A night butterfly, it was hunted by a bird, otherwise we wouldn't have seen it!
It was about 20cm tall! Magnificient!

Jeriau waterfalls at Fraser's Hill

Malaysian-Chinese tourists, they'll gather around the Chinese foodstalls [were the man with the
yellow sleves stands].

Night fall @ the way up to FH looking for a very rarely seen bird.

Kuala Tahan, you'll cross the river and that's the famous jungle of Taman Negara.

Jungle stairs on an off-the-beaten-track. Haven't seen tourists here!

Many people walk past me... cause they're only intressed in
 'I was there'...

Taking a dip in the river to cool off!

Tropical rainshower in Tasik Chini, TC is another place were we have seen
tourists, but no Dutchies and  the second night we stayed here with 2 other
Frenchmen and that was it!
This place is not luxeruous but it is in its localness and authenicness!! 

Lotusflowers bloom on Tasik Chini's 12 lakes linked with rivers, brooks and waters. There's also a story of a monster snake.
It's nice and we visited the local Orang Asli here.

Jungle afternoon trek with local guide, he could barely utter some English
 words like 'animal, tree' but could explain everything to us!

Tioman Isleland. It was raining and the sea was rough when we arrived..
Weekend @ Tioman, Nipah Resort.

This is were we stayed, view from the restaurant, on the right are the lodgings for the owners and guests.
Temple of Buddha, they have a tooth of him here..

Chinese market woman selling fruits in Signapore's China town.

Busy, eh? We stayed in Signapore's old quaters @ Sleepy Sam's.

Dutch Bell Tower in Mellacca.

View over Mellacca at night
Mellacca's China Town

zaterdag 3 september 2011


We vinden het nog steeds jammer dat we geen kampvuur meer stoken zoals in Noorwegen en Zweden, daarom maakte m'n broertje er zelf een met de vrienden.

Specially for mum, who's in Canada @ my sister's enjoying her newborn grandchild Sofia!
We still couldn't forget our campfires in Norway and Sweden.. So my brother build one with his friends.

Yeah, Malaysia is still in progress... The new school year has started..

..on my way to the barn.. with a nice moon..